Wednesday, February 29, 2012

randomisierte Fotos 4

i don't know what to post so i want to show you photos i took days ago. it's not important at all, just try to take some photos i saw on tumblr. what a dumb |:
first i purchased it last weekend. i didn't buy those body shop on purpose. i actually regret it a little that i don't even need it cause i have it already hahahaha.
and i never bought underwear like that before. it's always in pair with the bra. well it's not important to explain anyway. -_-
and the mini purse.mmm i just bought it |: i might want to give it to someone.... psssttt
and that knitwear i don't know i just feel some day i need it. oh and in the 2nd picture. i first purchased the black one in karlsruhe and the red one couple weeks ago in nordhausen. hahaha i think they're cute (???)
and the last picture, yeah i play violin but read partiture arranged for piano. hahahhaha. since i couldn't find this piece in violin version.

 body shop strawberry body polish. body shop berry lip gloss. 1982 underwear. zara knit. new yorker purse.

unbranded black sequins sweater. pimkie red sequins sweater.

ost my girlfriend is gumiho piano sheet

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