Monday, November 28, 2011

seeing me naked?

well, sorry for the title. i don't have any idea what to write above. watching youtube for hours when you're supposed to studying for tomorrow's exam is one of the worst things for a student. geez, i don't know what to learn anyway. i keep repeating to read the materials and books.
anyway, i'm such a terrible person. my room's windows have no curtain and the windows are pretty wide and the room is pretty light. i need 3 months to realize that people from the street under can surely see the whole room!!!! yes. and what i've been doing these 3 month in room? being naked after showering, dressing up, dancing randomly cause i'm so stuck with everything. geez geez geez!!!!!!! i was so shocked as i came back from grocery shopping and saw from outside building to my room, which located strategically in front of every buildings in campus (means people often walk by), and figured out i can see the whole things until my wardrobe and the door out.  man man maaaaaan!
for days after that shocking fact i forget and until this night when i just saw figure skating on youtube and i danced like no one see (because i thought no one could see me!) and suddenly remember the windows are wide and the light is on.oh crap! the worst fact is, i was wearing only underpants. great! sorry to write this kind of embarrassing thingy. at least none of you ever see me dancing with no clothes on at night. what the hell am i doing? -_- what if my indonesian friends ever saw me from the past 3 months or my friends in college. eeeerrrr. i should surely purchase curtain. well, my room is very light at day anyway. rich of sunlight!

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