Wednesday, September 29, 2010

photos from last last month

life, now, treating me so well. God is sooooooo fair. and i'm grateful for what i have, and what i'm doing lately. got new mac, new friends, still have a lovely boyfriend, and the most important is, family that waiting me a home and always miss me. howw sweeeet..

photos taken when i was still in the dark age (??)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

if i wrote a note to God...

"God, please kindly send me a great friend or more like You had ever given me when i was in high school"

Friday, September 3, 2010

me miss the past

just got home from disgusting weeks in yogyakarta. i want to post something but i keep my writing as draft. guess what i've got from my 3 weeks journey in yogyakarta? nothing but tears, anger, and disappoint. first hour i stepped my feet there, i have no place to stay. next days, i always cried wanted to go home. i got no class, no workshop, nothing. the things that kept me stay are my boyfriend and my sister.
what would you do if your choice disappoint you? when you've chosen something for your life but it's not happen like what you've expected? that's when you really really need home. in my case, i didn't like what i've got and i did some critic, but then i was blamed for that. great! i told my friends' and my opinion, but me the one who be blamed for that and my friends were safe?
oke forget it, that was my private problem. remember when i said i hate if what my mom said become reality? yep, it is. now, should i regret what i've chosen? or should i keep it flow and be responsible?
well, i'm now finally got home. and things that i want currently are back to what i used to be and get what i used to have. school, courses, friends, quality time, family... i want them back. i want my life circle, rotate like always. i won't feel bored with that.. but time is time, i can't turn it back. it only becomes a great memory in my head. things that i miss when i feel alone and fail..