Monday, July 27, 2009

i'll put ink on your cotton

newbie from cotton ink !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my future

well . i really love these to be my life when i've grown up :
1. oncologist/herbal doctor
2. medical phsycologist/child and teens phsycologist
3. conductor/violinist & pianist
4. fashion designer/editor

but i would like to take short term programs in fashion or music for 1 year before i go to college . i wish i take the program in france, wienn, or london . amin .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i will miss that airport

taken by sasha in ngurah rai airport bali when sgdo members waited for delaying plane. we took dinner at solaria and the chaperones give some awards. i will miss miss miss that airport badly . remembering first day we arrived there with very special welcome from bali's girl. i miss them, sgdo, ka joyce, ka lucy, ka margie, ka martha, mas photographers (forgot their name, my bad), ka sasha, ka dewi, ka mitha, ka audy, jasmine, nadia, deri, and other lovely new friends from sgdo 2009.

watchout of the swine flu !

style style style !

long black dress : pasar seni. green sandals : kuta street


mockingbird here not kind of bird that you read on novel "to kill a mockingbird by harper lee". it's about people surrounding me that look like birds which always mocking anyone creativity. they like chirping on me talking that they don't like kind of music, people, style, and others people have.
like they don't realize about their selves.

for example, many people under estimate and make jokes about some kind of band like, sorry, wali, st12, kangenband, or something like that. they said the bands are superfluous, the songs are too bad to be heard, and etc. i don't like them too, i mean i don't really love their music. but i really appreciate the way they express their music. dare to be different. it makes them look so special and famous. i prefer to here their songs than, sorry, ungu, d'massive,17,lila, or others kind like that (sorry if i wrote uncorrect spelling on the band's name). their song just he same. i can't differ it they made many similliar songs. but however, they're creative, they've tried so that their songs can be accepted by people.
don't say "yuck, norak, apaan sih, bad, idih" better you keep that words for your self when you can't appreciate others creativity, like you can do that

other example, when you find serial in sorry, indosiar, and you think that is very bad, old, the 3d effect is unproffesional and not good looking, the story is not "you", you often mock them (again) with your friends. hey, they waste much time, money, and others to make that. bot like a full drama serial. which always show sadness, anger,bla bla bla, or other "unimportant" program that you can watch again and again on your TV. it can be copied easily.

so please fellas. if you don't yourself to be under estimate and mocked by others, don't do that. realize it, that you have to know everyone free to be creative. although you have freedom to show up your opinion, don't mock them so badly .

if i do that, it feels so bad and i'm a guilty person although i do that just to join my friend for gossiping.

Friday, July 24, 2009

gifts from bali

many inspirations come to my mind since i've back, although i'm gaining weight and over tanned . it's ok . i got lots of fun . but my heart still feel so sad knowing that i have to face reality . life is getting harder for me. noone surrounding me have same idea. i can't talk to any people in my class. please, please ...

wardrobe mostly from from bali

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i just back and i'm fine

i don't know . i feel not so happy with this trip . but i really not happy to know that i just back .
so many things happen since i went to bali . i got many new experience, friends, stuffs. but i really sad about bomb attack t ritz carlton and jw marriot . just so you know . a week before the attack me, akum, and others stayed there . maybe we are so lucky . and other issue of swing flu . come on ! photo and others will be informed later .

photos actually taken with seventeen photographers . i didn't captured much great photo.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back in !!

well, first time i went to school, everything going stranger . but it's ok . i can move on .
and ., umm, i have so many story to tell, but when i want to write it on : i'm forget ! geez ..
these stuff are available in pomegranate and cranberry shop . so, it's mean, these pics are the shop's first lookbook

washed denim : pomegranate and cranberry shop. zippered legging : gogirl!. shoes : ananas. dress : magnolia by orange

plain white t's : tommy hilfiger. leather shorts : pomegranate and cranberry shop. blue boots : garage store docmart inspired.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

it's more about me

i just back from jakarta .
1. briefing at gedung femina in yesterday
2. playing at kidznia pacific place in yesterday
3. eating there too
4. sleep at ritz carlton right in the same building
i plan to go home this day . but i'm tired . i'm so tired .
i didn't got the photos when i was there . i'll find it out ..

Friday, July 10, 2009

now open !!

click the pict !

try to do my own shop, i found quandary here. but i know, it's impossible if i build a bussiness without a wall that disturb my way. for first project i sell secondhand stuff. just to open this shop ! see on pomegranate and cranberry shop

fondue crepes

so, holiday it's not over yet . i baked again !! i'll post more later on ?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's getting harder now

you always feel upset to your life because you don't like people around you? well, people always have black and white side . b=not everyone kind to you, but not everyone bad to you. it's not depend of anything. you always want at least someone who can deeply understand and take care of you and be there or you anywhere anytime in your life. it cannot be. if you think so, you will accept a reality that people around you are bad. but i have this sight ...

person who really match and truly good for you are when all off his/her badness can be accepted to you without sad, mad, or other not good feeling

it's mean, when you can be ok with someone's less and you don't feel disturbed with that you are have found the true person in your life, whether it's a boy or girl, a friend, a family. or maybe you can find that person more than one.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i vote for indonesia

just fool around . haha . akum and rana stole the ink for voters . and we try. it feels like we are mature enough. when we went out many adults expected that we have voted. hehe. sorry =P

five years again i'll be ready for voting to our country =D can't wait !

coco kiwi berry pancake

ingredients for pancake :
4 tablespoon wheat flour
1 can hi-lo milk
3 sachet non calorie sugar
1 egg
1/4 tea spoon salt
1 tea spoon lemon water
margarine for cooking at the pan
(mix it and cook it on the pancake pan)

ingredients for topping :
1 mini chocolate block
1 tablespoon of plain butter
1/2 cup fresh milk
(melt it all with au ban marie until it become liquid)

other topping :
sugar powder
8 strawberries (slice it)
1 kiwi (slice it)


cooking at free time with akum and rana . after finish we eat at the backyard with osar, ijal, and arin. delicious !!
i looooovveee cooking and pancake !!
ps : actually i ever made savory pancake with brocoli, melting cheese, and sausage topping. but i didn't take the photo =(
see ya at the next recipe
oh, and i made many kind of salad !!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

phoshot at tps

my granny's home become place for voting president and the vice tomorrow, so here i bring you some photos which taken by me and akum at the vote place . haha . although we are not allowed to vote, we can feel how to vote our next country leader . we playing around there .

chair, table

vote box (?!)

seat for voters

with pajamas we around the tps

try to vote

Monday, July 6, 2009

outbond at katumiri,lembang

outbond at katumiri, lembang give lots of scream and experience. it scared me at first but then, i think i love it!

first i try flying fox. my guard said i have to try with superman style. wohoo. fun!fun!fun! it felt like you can fly. you would feel everyone starring at you and give you support. you would scream and see everything going fast. trees, grass, people. but it totally great

flying fox

eventhough i want to ride my own ATV, i guess it give more fun. i joined atv touring twice!! first, i took a seat at the front, then, at the back. you know it felt like this motorcycle or whatever going to kill u. so fast with dangerous area. but u can see beauty when we start the tour until the end of the tour (i can enjoy the view, i screamed and cried a lot). i more frightened that roller coaster. gosh!!
ATV touring

i doubt to try this at the first sight. but when i try, hmmm difficult. but great. you have to use ur power. and when you fall. wwwoooo !!!!! fun ! three times i try but i failed to gain the top. so i went upstairs and do (i forgot the name) something, fall from the top of the wall. at the top before you fall, you will see very great and exotic view . very nice. thanks God. but when you fall, you will close your eyes! more frightened than being superman at the flying fox. like you fall without anything that save you . ffuhh.

Wall Climbing

at the end of outbond,, actually we take a rest first and do many activity like i've done before at sindang reret. we went to a garden. the gardeners were very kind to us. they let us took some photoshot and took the carrot. fun! like a true gardener. you have to try this..

harvest time

well i guess holiday in nature place like this give so much fun. unfortunately, when we were there, other game like high rope, climbing to waterfall and others was closed. only open sat-sun . but, what i've done there give many holiday experience (i never like these before, truly outbond!)

have a nice holiday fellas!!

a trip to garut

saturday i went to garut for coming to a wedding . the trip was so nice . it's been several years since i went to garut, beside, i forget it.
the wedding was so great . i could find lots of delicius food and beverage . from traditional to famous international ! fun ! the house where it held also nice. there are ricefield and place for fishing . we took lots of pic . nice !!

after that, we went to a water boom, sabda alam . first we had a doubt cause the condition look yucks . but after we tried . wohooo . the water pool was warm . cool .... (?????)

still, holiday

sorry for no posting lately.
i'm in holiday . hard to post some photo .

Saturday, July 4, 2009

just playing around

well, here some my photoshots in my mom's room at granny's house.
sorry the condition isn't good .

description tag later ... wanna take a bath

Friday, July 3, 2009

night at the museum 2

battle of the smithsonian.
a film which starring ben stiller is about a museum. not just an ordinary museum, all the things inside there alive at the night ! (for more you can watch the first movie)
i have to wait two years since the first movie in 2007.
in this sequel, ben has moved to work in a company, not in national museum anymore.
the national museum will transformed into the modern one without wax statue or other mini figure. so all the things inside the museum moved to smithsonian.
here the problem ... just watch it on the movie ok ????
i watched it in blitz megaplex pvj. just suggestion, buy nachos, caramel popcorn and a ig cup of cola to accompany you...

what i(we) wore

on me : blue basic longsleeve denim washed.sox gallery sheer tighs. galdy brown boots.
on akum : white samba t's. brown cargo shortt. sox gallery red tights. wondershoe fedora.

sindang reret

after took many photo with akum and others family, we went to sindang reret for lunch. a sundanesse restaurant which has nature view. it has a shop place which i didn't have the pic (my bad.
well, the food are great, and many play spot for kids and adults, there are so many tradional games there. feel like in old times...

kersen trees

akum, kakang, ema

a small spot in front of the field

very cute gazeebo

child on traditional game